Club Students eNABLING Kids Around the World

Club Students eNABLING Kids Around the World

Kids Miracle Making Club students teaming up with RIT’s MAGIC Center e-NABLE project to build low-cost 3D printed prosthetic hands for kids in need around the world. This is truly a “hands-on” project. Our young students are learning about 3D printing, CAD systems and biomedical engineering then immediately applying it to help others. Hands will go to kids in need around the world. Service-learning at its best!

Abstract: e-NABLE is a distributed, pay-it-forward network for design, customization, and fabrication of 3D-printed hands. Created by Jon Schull, a researcher at Rochester Institute of Technology, e-NABLE pairs children and adults with missing or deformed fingers, hands or forearms with makers who produce customized 3D printed prostheses that can improve their lives. Today, more than 300 makers, engineers, medical professionals, tinkerers, teachers, students, artists, philanthropists, parents and “ideas people” from five continents have come together to make a difference. E-NABLE does not sell the devices but instead empowers parents and others to create them on their own. They also guide new makers in the building process and will prints parts for those that need them. From e-NABLE founder Jon Schull:

“You know, DISABILITY is a funny word. Disability means you CAN’T do something. It’s not a disease…and it’s not even a property of a person.

A person doesn’t have a disability…a person has a disability if he is in a world where he can’t do something.

If I didn’t have glasses in a world in which there is lots of fine print – I would be disabled. As it is, I am just a guy who wears glasses. The technology of eyeglasses, turned near sightedness and far sightedness into a nuisance, when it used to be a disability.

New technology is going to turn things like you are missing a hand or you can’t move your body or you have brain damage into a nuisance, rather than a disability.”


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