About Us

What is the Kids Miracle Making Club all about?

The Kids Miracle Making Club (KMMC) is all about learning, hands-on learning. We help kids develop their academic skills and natural talents by taking them out in the real world through projects and events; projects and events they come up with that focus on making a different in their community. The approach is called service learning. What makes the club unique in the approach is that all focus on helping kids with special needs; helping them do what our kids do; helping them be a part of our community; being true friends.

What do Club members learn? How?

Service learning projects by design are multi-discipline projects allowing a variety of talents to work together toward a single goal. ¬†Club members are asked to come up with different project and event ideas based on their group interest. ¬†“Coaches” help them develop the projects and events while calling on professionals in specific areas of expertise to aid in the teaching. Curriculum include workshops with professionals, site visits and other tools that the team can use to complete its task.

How do Club projects help kids in need? What kids are they helping?

Club projects, events and activities created by club members, focus on raising funds, driving awareness and creating inclusion opportunities for kids with special needs. Currently our club members support kids at Golisano Children’s Hospital, Mary Cariola Children’s Center, CP Rochester and Holy Childhood. As the club grows, we hope to support even more kids by partnering with more supporting agencies and community advocates.

Who benefits most from the KMMClub?

We all do – the kids the club supports through projects, special events and activities; club members who take their interest and learning and turn it into a community service; our community as club members develop a service learning habit they will take and use throughout their teen and adult years.